Mission, Vision

Where it all began


To provide resources for the growth and well being of our Greater Vail community.

ReSources helps people in need live a healthier and more independent lifestyle.

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Our Vision for those we Serve

To build and maintain the resources necessary to meet the basic needs of the Greater Vail community.

Established in January 2017, Resources Vail Food Bank serves over 200 families each month with supplemental food and senior meal deliveries. Our backpack program has expanded to include more than 100 students from the Vail Unified School District each week.

Vail Depot Thrift Store was established in December of 2016 and is proving to be a valuable source for affordable clothing and household goods for the community, as well as no cost essentials for those in need.

Arizona is third in the nation for food hardship.

14.2% of Arizona families live in poverty.


Greater Vail Community ReSources, through the coordinated efforts of our community partners, will help feed the hungry, care for seniors, clothe the needy and support the youth while treating everyone with love, respect and dignity.

Volunteers, faith communities, school related organizations and other supporters now have a place to serve their neighbors in need.

“Neighbors helping Neighbors”

We are proud to be considered a compassionate place to turn for help. The generous support of our community partners helps to make our mission of service possible.