Mission, Vision, Values

In October of 2019, the Greater Vail Community Resources board of directors undertook the task of formally establishing its mission, vision and values through a structured strategic planning process. The following is the compass that directs and guides the work of ReSources within the Greater Vail region:

Home meal delivery

Where it all began

Our Mission

With the help of volunteers and community partners, we improve lives by feeding Greater Vail’s hungry and by assisting with basic needs.


Our Vision for those we Serve

Greater Vail Community ReSources envisions a caring, self-reliant, self-sustaining, hunger free community that is a model for others.


Our Values Statement

Integrity, Respect, Collaboration

Strategic Priorities

  1. Assessment of Community Needs
  2. Raise Community Awareness
  3. Increase Community Participation and Collaboration
  4. Increase Revenue
  5. Expand Human Resources
  6. Expand ReSources Programs
  7. Expand Capacity of ReSources Facilities
  8. Board Development

Greater Vail Community Resources is a grassroots organization founded for the purpose of feeding our neighbors—people who may need emergency food on a temporary basis, or those who endure food insecurity all year. Arizona is third in the nation for food hardship! You can help ReSources meet these needs in a variety of ways: as a donor, a partner or as a volunteer.

ReSources = Neighbors Helping Neighbors