Food bank

ReSources Vail Food Bank

Every day, hundreds of people in the greater Vail area struggle just to put food on their table.

ReSources is fortunate to have a Food Bank that enables us to better serve the needs of hungry households in our community.

ReSources Vail Food Bank partners with the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona to distribute emergency food bags each month to low-income seniors, individuals and families in need. Registered households can receive one food allotment per month, filled with basic food staples. As supplies are available, ReSources allows recipients to select supplemental food items to stretch their finances. This extra food comes from community food drives and from people like you. ReSources Vail Food Bank also stocks a small supply of personal hygiene items and provides emergency food bags for homeless individuals or households who have run out of food and are in crisis.

ReSources Vail Food Bank serves clients who are often in temporary crisis and need a little help to get over the hurdle.

ReSources Vail Food Bank

13105 E Colossal Cave Road, Vail 85641


Food Distribution Hours:


Thank you to the volunteers who staff our food bank

Examples include:

  • A family whose breadwinner is out of work and has no income
  • Individuals or families who are experiencing an unexpected income drain, such as an illness, and need supplemental food supplies
  • Homeless or indigent persons
  • Clients referred from other programs or local faith communities

We are fortunate to have this wonderful facility and appreciate everyone who has helped us assist those most vulnerable in our community in meeting the vital and basic need for food.