Give back

Vail is a tight-knit community of caring, compassionate individuals. It’s also one in which kindness is readily shared and spread. You can see it all over our community. For example, every school in the Vail School District is enshrined with the words “Be Kind”. Alternatively, if you attend a church service in our faith-based community, you’ll hear messages of hope and togetherness. ReSources strives to capture this positive energy and willingness to spread kindness among the community.

At ReSources Food Bank and Vail Depot Thrift Store, you’ll meet volunteers that have chosen to give up their most valuable asset for the greater good – their time. However, there are even more ways to help support us, even if you don’t have lots of free time. ReSources works as a catalyst to deliver kindness throughout the Vail community by facilitating ways for everyone to give back in some way.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Our mission is simple. We want to provide resources for the growth and wellbeing of the greater Vail community. This drives our volunteers to show up every day, and it’s what keeps us going. If you are interested in continuing our effort of neighbors helping neighbors, check out our suggestions for giving back in the community.

Are you looking for ways you can give back?

There are many ways to help in your community. Choose the one that is best suited to you.


ReSources is always looking for new volunteers to support our mission. We have been fortunate to have hundreds of people step forward and volunteer with us as we’ve grown in the Vail community. We are amazed and incredibly grateful for this outpouring of support. However, we hope to keep growing and taking on new volunteers along the way. If you want to become involved by volunteering your time and skills, please complete our volunteer application with the link below.

Sign Up to be a ReSources Volunteer


While volunteers help us man our mission, we also need financial backing to support our mission. We are primarily funded through individual donations from members of the community who want to help a neighbor in need. If you want to donate, there are several ways you can do so.