AZ Charitable Tax Credit

Make an Arizona Tax Credit Donation to your vail food bank

Greater vail community resources is a qualifying charitable organization!

When you make a qualifying tax credit donation, your support will help feed greater Vail’s hungry. Donations help provide emergency food for families and individual experiencing food insecurity. You will also be supporting home-bound seniors with weekly food box deliveries and Weekend Backpack Meals for local school children. Make your donation today!

What is the Arizona Tax Credit?
  • Allows Arizona taxpayers to receive dollar-for-dollar state income tax credit for donations made to approved Qualifying Charitable Organizations.
  • Qualifying donations are applied directly as a credit to reduce the individual’s state income tax burden.
New tax credit amounts Beginning 2023
  • Filing singly: Tax credit up to $421
  • Married, filing jointly: Up to $841
  • Heads of household: Up to $421
  • Married, filing separately: Up to $421
AZ Tax Credit
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Donor Privacy Statement

Greater Vail Community ReSources is committed to donor privacy. Information provided is accessible to select officers of ReSources and will not be shared with any other organization.

Greater Vail Community ReSources will not sell, rent, trade or transfer your personal information to outside organizations. Use of donor information will be limited to the internal purposes of ReSources and only to further the mission of Greater Vail Community ReSources.

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