AZ Charitable Tax Credit

Make an Arizona Tax Credit Donation to your vail food bank

Greater vail community resources is a qualifying charitable organization!

When you make a qualifying tax credit donation, your support will help feed greater Vail’s hungry. Donations help provide emergency food for families and individual experiencing food insecurity. You will also be supporting home-bound seniors with weekly food box deliveries and Weekend Backpack Meals for local school children. Make your donation today!

What is the Arizona Tax Credit?
  • Allows Arizona taxpayers to receive dollar-for-dollar state income tax credit for donations made to approved Qualifying Charitable Organizations.
  • Qualifying donations are applied directly as a credit to reduce the individual’s state income tax burden.
New tax credit amounts Beginning 2023
  • Filing singly: Tax credit up to $421
  • Married, filing jointly: Up to $841
  • Heads of household: Up to $421
  • Married, filing separately: Up to $421
AZ Tax Credit
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